Software development services

by Laurence Tuck

October 9, 2015

The EditMe websites platform is the result of building and developing websites and web applications for customers for over 15 years. It culminates into every possible web related requirement and provides a framework for web application and mobile development in a scale-able environment that is easy to use.

EditMe is essentially a software engineering company that offers software development services and solutions to all customers using web based software. Typical examples of this would be customisation of websites and adding advanced features such as eCommerce and booking management.

If you have existing software that is old and outdated speak to us about how we can migrate your application and build a strategy for its success in a holistic and modern way.

If you have new ideas, we can assist you with flowcharts, projections and help you conceptualise and build strategies.

We have developed numerous applications from small scale projects to large scale enterprise solutions for customers and can guide you in the right direction so you dont make many common mistakes that startups tend to make.