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With skilled writers at hand, EditMe offers the very best in Copywriting and Content Marketing for your company. Making use of our digital ecosystem approach, we will engage in extensive research and understanding of your brand before a single word has been written. We pride ourselves in our commitment to fully embracing who you are so that the content we create is not only well written but also completely in line with your corporate identity.

Our writers approach every project from a story telling perspective. Your products are the characters and your customers the audience. The characters of the story always take center stage in being presented to the audience in an engaging way. When someone reads your companies content they must be filled with a feeling of compulsion to engage with you again and again. Like a patron leaving a theater and returning each week.

No matter what content you need, we will be able to create it. Be it a carefully constructed “about us page” or a weekly blog post that details the current events or your business, we are able to produce everything you need.

If requested, our content creation services can be coupled with a social media marketing campaign. Our main goal is to have the copy we write be read by as many people as possible. As such we feel it is imperative to market the content  so that your entire audience see’s every update you make, when you make it.

Contact as today and lets discuss your copywriting needs.

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