Our Projects

Protocor provides specialist legal consultation services. The website needed to display a lot of information and has a protected area of the site where clients can access private information.

HC1 Dashcams is the regional distributor for Durban, KZN. These dashboard cameras capture high definition video of your journey for insurance and security purposes. Take a look at: http://hc1dashcam.co.za

Converting the existing application into a mobile friendly and more user friendly application was our first goal.

Cape Arthritis and Rheumatology was established for patients with rheumatic disorders to find help online.

DialIT was born out of a neccesity to service customers with IT support and hardware and software sales.

South Africa’s leading borehole casing suppliers for Casing, Perforation, Flaring, Pin/Box Threaded ends.

The ShowMe network has over 20 franchises around South Africa and over a million page views a month.

A plugin developed for WooCommerce allowing customers to share their cart and earn discounts.

The website uses a rotator to immediately outline the services and then details them on the services page.

With an image rich pool to work from we could only enjoy sinking our teeth into the contrasting colours and incredible imagery the project provided.

Stealth Kayaks is another serious sporting website with an even more serious back-end.

The site needed to be clean and to the point with simple navigation and be accessible to all devices.

Mazmerizeds website needed to show her incredible work in all its beauty.

CBG needed to upgrade their existing e-commerce website but didnt want the hassle of shipping rate fluctuations.

Lead Laundry is a large website. It has over 300 pages of information, galleries, sliders and downloadable documents.