SEO and Digital Audits

We recommend a digital audit for all websites.

Search engines respect websites that offer clear and well structured markup as well as informative resources that are easy to find. Websites that are developed without any information architecture and search optimisation fail to target visitors specifically and often result in low quality traffic, low search engine ranking, and random statistics.

With the right structure we are able to diagnose everything that is happening and take better aim at marketing goals.


The digital footprint audit starts here!



Digital Footprint Audit

The SEO & Digital Audit provides valuable insights into everything in the digital eco-system, how well targets are isolated and what can be refined in the website architecture. The audit also provides a list of changes and edits on the website. This should be done quarterly on large sites or when a content marketing strategy is being implemented.


Audit Implementation

A number of factors are addressed which include tracking and reporting mechanisms on the site and if required will be installed. Our developers can work with any website and ensure that everything is working properly. We may need to access your website system and address any major issues or can provide your developer with a list of these issues. We aim at achieving a 90-100% report score (anything above 90 is excellent) and work through problems on the website .

tickSearch Engine Optimisation

Audit implementations also cover all aspects of search engine optimisation for given keywords and phrases and ensure that the website is geared for traffic that converts into leads. You also get a report of your digital footprint and search presence metrics.



Once the website has passed the audit recommendations provide a solid optimisation guideline going forward and also help with social media and marketing campaigns. We outline topics such as information architecture, site structure, content editing, content addition, image addition and editing.


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