Fulfil your web development & digital marketing needs.

by Morne Visagie

February 27, 2018

As many companies reach their fiscal year end, the team at EditMe would like to take this moment to touch base with our amazing audience. We hope that you have had a wonderful year so far and we want to assist you in making it even better.

With the technological landscape continuing to change rapidly, our team is keeping abreast of all the advancements. Our varied range of expertise and knowledge allows us to be at the top of the digital mountain, ensuring that all the work we do is of the highest quality. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in offering the absolute best web development & digital marketing services at affordable prices through our time proven ecosystem approach. This approach covers a variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Web hosting
  • Website development
  • SEO/digital health audits
  • Google AdWords
  • App development
  • Social media and online marketing

Our solutions are scalable to businesses large and small, customisable to whatever you need. We make sure that what we do is exactly what you need and when you need it. What all this means is; we do the geeky work, while you focus on what you do best. The fact is, in order make money you need to spend money. With EditMe your return on investment goes far above and beyond the cost, as your company reaches the heights that you know are possible.

Last year we launched our 2 social media packages, Social Media CLASSIC and  Social Media PRO and soon we will be introducing the complete updated EditMe price list. We hope to speak to you very soon, and take all your digital worries right off your hands. Success for us is success for you, that is the EditMe guarantee.

For any enquiries or requests please mail us at info@editme.co.za or give us a call at +27(0)84 200 2152. We offer FREE tips and advice during our initial consultation. Our team of web development & digital marketing experts look forward to speaking with you.