Insecure? Go SSL. A quick outline of what is happening with online security now.

by Laurence Tuck

November 1, 2017

More buzzwords… SSL? HTTPS? What is it and why do I need it?

As the internet has grown massively over the past few years, so has technology and the ability for hackers to steal data and intercept information while being transferred between your users device and your website. To secure this information the SSL protocol “https” is used to encrypt the data being transferred. The information is decrypted and then shown to the user. You can see this in the address bar when visiting secure websites.

Ultimately, Google’s objective is to mark all HTTP sites as insecure with a prominent exclamation mark in a red triangle, and the Google Chrome 62 update is merely an incremental update to get there. The internet as we know it is moving rapidly towards a “secure communication by default” era where all traffic will be served over HTTPS.

This is what users will see from January 2018.

The red “Not secure” is scary ugly isn’t it? Green is good. Its safe. It means a lot to your customer.

Chrome’s update has already started rolling out and should affect all browsers by January 31st, 2017. The update will change these icons into more obvious displays to caution users. It is also to encourage websites to get secure and protect their customers. Other browsers such as Safari and Firefox show similar icons in the address bar to inform users of the site’s security, and many of these other browsers have already made their updates to make this more prominent.

So here is the good news: getting an SSL certificate and securing your website content is EASY and quick.

EditMe has created a product specifically for this purpose to see all our customers benefiting from the SEO value (your website will index better!) and the security customers experience when browsing. Our SSL certificate is also FREE and delivered by a recognised provider; Lets Encrypt.

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