The Top 3 Reasons to use LinkedIn to Market Your Business

by Morne Visagie

June 6, 2018

Marketing is a vital component for any company. In order to generate leads, one must reach out to potential clients and show them the products/services they offer. This can be done through a variety of methods, one of the most notable being social media. While it is important to use many platforms in your efforts, LinkedIn marketing can prove to be extremely fruitful for businesses looking to build their brand.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for your company to promote and make new connections. It is a professional channel and has quickly become the largest network for business to business interactions. No other platform offers the same opportunities for driving sales. Unlike other channels, LinkedIn allows you to build relationships with other organisations and influencers, creating an establishment of thought leadership. Furthermore, some of the main reasons to use LinkedIn marketing include the following:

3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Marketing is Crucial for Your Business.

  1. LinkedIn is the third most used social network amongst business owners – According to a marketing report by Salesforce, the platform is used 62% of business owners. This is a very important figure as it means there a large groups of high level influencers that you could be marketing your company to.
  2. LinkedIn gives your brand increased visibility in searches – A thoroughly optimised page on LinkedIn can increase your organisations chances to rank high in a Google search. Using relevant keywords, descriptive wording in the page title and including links to your website are just a few of the factors to consider when attempting to get your profile to rank.
  3. Your posts on LinkedIn have the potential to reach all your followers – Unlike other social media networks, LinkedIns feed is unfiltered. Which means when your post an update to your company page, it appears in your followers feed no matter how much they have interacted with your posts previously. This doesn’t mean that every one of them will be on LinkedIn when you make a post, but it does widen the reach if you make frequent updates.

EditMe Websites marketing solutions prioritizes LinkedIn as an incredibly beneficial channel within the social media campaigns that we create. Our extensive knowledge of this platform,  and many others, means that we can promote your company while you focus on what you do best.

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