Understanding E-commerce to increase Online Sales and Boost Profits in 2019

by Morne Visagie

December 6, 2018

With the year already coming to a close, many of us are asking “Where did it all go?”. 2018 has been a year of multiple achievements, many of which have laid the groundwork for an even better 2019. We exist in a time where businesses are offered countless opportunities to take themselves to the next level. The most important being transforming your company into an online enterprise and leaving your competitors in the dust. This is how you can reach the cutting edge with e-commerce and online sales in 2019.

E-commerce refers to the process of selling your products and services online. While many unfortunately still refuse to go digital, it has been proven that those who do have a much higher turnover. Not only is e-commerce growing by 23% year over year but 56.9% of internet users are digital shoppers, with an expected increase to 65.9% by 2023. In South Africa alone, there is 18.43 million e-commerce users. What this means is that many people are choosing to do their shopping online and the number is only growing. We are entering the next stage of business evolution and now is the perfect time to capitalise on it. While taking your company into the online world may seem scary and expensive on your own, with the assistance of an experienced web partner you no longer have to worry about missing out on the benefits of the digital world. With the use of our vast knowledge and skills, EditMe Websites is able to be that web partner.

We simplify everything and do all the geeky work so that you can focus on what you do best. We offer an all-in-one e-commerce solution that provides smart and quick set up of your online platform and store, allowing your customers to purchase what they need wherever they are. You need not worry about breaking the bank either, as our December/January special gives you the affordable total online store package – Including a website and blog for content marketing, unlimited products, unlimited Accounts, specialised e-commerce support, discount/coupon codes integration, free SSL and basic shipping setup. Combine this with a Social Media package, and your online sales will be skyrocketing in no time.

EditMe is dedicated to providing our clients with everything they need to succeed. The worries of digital marketing no longer have to be a fear as we aim to assist at every step of the process. With 2019 knocking on our door, there is no better time to sell your products or services online. Contact us today and let’s discuss the digital evolution of your business.