The Vitals of a Website: Responsiveness

by Morne Visagie

March 28, 2018

As technology continues to advance with a rapid pace each day, there are certain digital elements that are a must have for any company. To have success in the modern world, a business needs to have a website. A website is perhaps the most important marketing tool to have, as it encompasses everything about what you do. However, this is most true when it is built correctly. The failure of many modern companies is having a website that not only is unsuccessful in conveying their existence but is also poorly made with limited functionality. Before a website is populated with information it needs to be constructed with certain vital abilities. One of these is website responsiveness.

Responsiveness refers to a website being able to adjust itself based on the platform it is visited on. Meaning that it can fit the screen of any device. Today more than ever before, people are accessing the internet on devices that are not desktops. In January 2018, data was gathered showing that the global mobile population reached 3.7 billion unique users. Furthermore, mobile internet traffic amounted to 52.64% of all internet traffic. More people are using their phones to access websites and as such every successful website must be responsive.

It is therefore imperative that website responsiveness is a vital goal in development. If a user attempts to view your site on a mobile device and it doesn’t load properly, then they are more than likely to leave it immediately. With EditMe this is not a concern at all. Every website  we build is adaptable to all devices, meaning that your entire audience will get everything they need not matter how they try to visit you. Our team of experts aim to give you complete piece of mind, knowing that your company has a completely flexible digital presence.

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