The Vitals of a Website: Website Content

by Morne Visagie

April 18, 2018

A website is the most important marketing instrument that you can have. When optimally developed, a company’s website completely encompasses what it is they do. In order for this to be done, the website must be structurally sound. We have spoken about this recently in our articles covering website speed, responsiveness and search engine friendliness. With these vitals covered, one can then look at website content.

When a user visits a website, the biggest factor that is going to determine whether they stay is the content displayed on the pages. Poor formatting, bad grammar and misspelled words are some basic things that cannot show up anywhere. These are the essentials, the non-negotiables that are merely the basis for which website content must be created. A visitor must be completely engaged with what they view on your website. The content must be well written and cover every aspect of your company. Furthermore, it must be original enough to set yourself apart from competitors and it must vary over time in order to entice people to come back often. So how do we do this?

Content Marketing

While certain sections of a website such as the About Us page will be largely static with regards to its information, there needs to be other places that are frequently updated. A component such as a Blog can be used to regularly update your audience and lure them back to your website many times over. However, the content created and consistently posted must be of a certain level.

It is not difficult to speak about your business in a simple manner. However, structuring it in a way that makes a user want to read more takes a certain level of skill. The writer must have an unmitigated grasp of language and communication. They must be able to be an information architect and construct copy that is rich and fascinating, no matter the subject matter. Being able to do this takes years of practice, as most are not able to develop ideas in a comprehensive and attractive manner.

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