The Vitals of a Website: Website Speed

by Morne Visagie

April 11, 2018

A website is a powerful tool, that when developed properly gives companies a brand new avenue for marketing and ultimately generating leads. Adequate development comprises of a number of factors. We have spoken recently about some of these in our articles covering responsiveness and search engine friendliness. These two elements need to be addressed meticulously when creating a website. Alongside these and many others is one of the most vital factors to take into consideration, website speed.

First and foremost, one of the principal reasons that a website must load quickly is because users hate waiting. A case study covering Amazon found that a 100 millisecond delay could result in the yearly revenues of the online company dropping by 1%. When you factor in the $74.5 billion estimated annual revenue they earn, this would cause a loss of $745 million per year because of delay in the load speed. Another study involving cloud platform Akamai looked into the habits of online shoppers. It was discovered that for most users, the loading threshold was 2 seconds and if a website took more than 3 seconds, 40% of shoppers will abandon the digital store.

These examples give us an insight into how many people on the internet behave. The smallest delay in a page loading can cost a company large amounts of income. The truth is that fast website speed is essential. A person will come back to your website again and again if they know that they can rely on efficiency and speed. If not, they will find an alternative and never come back.

Factors that may affect website speed include hosting providers, images and plugins; just to name a few. At EditMe, we pride ourselves in correcting all issues that may be found during development and maintenance. All the websites we build are fully optimised and lightning fast, that is the EditMe promise.

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