Why Your Website Needs an Update

by Morne Visagie

August 15, 2018

A website can be the most powerful digital marketing tool in the world when used right. For your company, a website encompasses everything you do as well as all the products/services offered. It promotes the work being done and garners contact from potential clients. The problem occurs when a company creates a website and leaves it alone for long periods of time.

Building a website is only the first phase of increasing your company’s digital presence. At the start, this initial burst will likely prove worth the cost and you may consider the venture to be successful. However, in order to see this benefit going forward you must update your website. Keeping up to date not only offers the best first impression for a particular time period but it also shows a sign of credibility. Beyond these, here are the top 3 reasons your website needs an update.

3 Reasons You Need to Keep Your Website Updated

  1. Security builds trust. In the modern era digital security is one of the most important elements that need to be adhered to. We frequently hear of companies both large and small being hacked. When this happens to a website containing user information, trust is broken completely and clients often go elsewhere. Keeping a website up to date allows for the implementation of the best software, updated frequently with the very best security features.
  2. New content drives traffic. Users must be given a reason to come back to your website. Having a blog that is updated often allows for an incentive for return visits. However, the content must be well written and interesting otherwise you can have a new post a day and nobody will come back for more. Over time, your website will be filled with large amounts of quality content that not only attracts new users but also provides them an incentive to return later.
  3. Updates boost Google rankings.  As mentioned above, new content can organically drive visitors to your website. Although, in order to rank higher the content needs to be SEO’d (Search Engine Optimised) .With certain keywords in mind, new content shows search engines such as Google that you are relevant to the given topic and that you should rank higher. Websites that are updated with SEO focused information on a regular basis are viewed favorably by search engines.

With all this in mind it is obvious that you need to update your websites frequently. EditMe Websites are able to assist companies of all sizes with their update needs. Contact us today and let us discuss your digital needs.