Website Design & Digital Marketing Solutions

user-friendly websites with
reliable, expert support.

EditMe Websites offers website design, web app development and digital marketing solutions. We help businesses like yours get online quickly and cost effectively with high quality websites and fast, reliable support.

We do the geeky work, while you focus on what you do best.

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Architecture &
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

While your website may be visually appealing, the information on it may not be correctly structured for search engines to rank it correctly. This means your potential audience won’t find it either.

Having a clear, well structured website is the first step to ensuring it ranks well, gets found and then makes sense to your ideal customer.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Customers need information before they buy.

Our “digital footprint” approach to marketing allows us to collect and analyse information within the digital eco-system so we can communicate with customers at various levels of the sales funnel.

Sometimes customers are ready to buy and your website should be ready to assist them.

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Digital Audits with Actionable Reports

We analyse all aspects of your digital footprint and outline a clear, comprehensive action plan for making improvements and ensuring information is delivered correctly.

All our products come with various levels of reporting so we can diagnose, improve and track growth.

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Why EditMe?

We have been building websites since the dawn of the internet.

Our mission is to build responsive, functional and beautiful websites that create leads and sales.

We have deployed hundreds of websites and web based applications; from micro websites to large networks with millions of visitors.

We know our business and we get things right.

Read more about our journey and our national footprint.

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