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EditMe Websites offers cloud based website design, e-commerce and e-marketing solutions for small to medium businesses. We do the geeky work, while you focus on what you do best. Our websites leverage state-of-the-art Content Delivery Networks and Caching for Speed and Performance offering you peace of mind with your mission critical asset.

Responsive Website Design

EditMe websites look great on any device or platform. Our UI specialists know what users are looking for and design with the latest methods for the best web experiences.

Search Engine Optimisation

Information architechture is not just about putting text on a page. Our search team audits all websites to ensure they meet the latest criteria for your website to be found.

Conversion Callouts

Content is just content without call to action. Our UI (user interface) specialists design your website pages to convert visitors into interactive customers.

Speed & Performance

We dont just build fast websites, we cache pages using the fastest DNS servers and distibure your content around the world so its closer to your visitors.

Professional Support

Our developers and designers have over 20 years of technical expertise and can assist you with anything web related. We understand business.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Geeky doesn't have to mean ugly. Our websites are functional and beautiful and mirror your companies best features.

Content Marketing

Your website visitors want to deal with real people. Providing current content keeps them returning to hear from you, the professional. Our content team will generate keyword rich, engaging content from your briefs.

Social Network Engagement

Over 60% of internet users engage with each other and business on social networks. You need to have a presence and also use it correctly to drive traffic down your sales funnel.

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