SEO and Digital Audits

The digital ecosystem audit starts here.

Are you sure that your digital presence is on the level that it should be?

There may be certain elements that when addressed could take your company to the next level. While your website and digital footprint may be visually appealing, there is a very good chance that paying a closer attention could mean the difference between success and failure.

It is absolutely vital that your website and digital footprint is working in an optimal way. Without the right structure and technical aspects, you will fail to generate traffic and leads. Furthermore, those visitors that do find your website will not convert if the architecture is not designed with the user experience in mind.

Finding out what isn’t working is the first step towards making sure that everything is working.

SEO and Digital Markup Audit

The SEO and Digital Markup Audit analyses the technical aspects on your website as well as the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your content. Your website may appear to be functioning correctly, however there are certain elements in the background that need to be addressed regularly. The audit provides a list of changes and edits to be done to improve your website’s rank.

Digital Footprint Audit

The Digital Footprint Audit provides valuable insights into everything in the digital ecosystem, how well targets are isolated and what can be refined in the website architecture. This includes whether or not you have an optimal digital presence, as well as simple factors such as whether or not the forms on your website are functioning. Like the SEO and Markup Audit, we will provide you with a list of changes and suggestions that will greatly help your digital footprint when applied.

Audit Implementation

A number of factors are addressed which include tracking and reporting mechanisms on the website. Our developers can work with any website software and will ensure that everything is working properly. We can access your website and address any major issues or provide your web developer with a list of these issues. We aim at achieving a completely error free website with all recommendations implemented.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Audit implementations also cover all aspects of search engine optimisation for given keywords and phrases and ensure that the website is geared for traffic that converts into leads. We implement this research and improve your websites SEO. We provide reports of your digital footprint and search presence metrics so you can follow the progress of the strategy.


Once the website has passed the audit recommendations, we provide a solid optimisation guideline going forward and also help with social media and marketing campaigns. We outline topics such as seo, information architecture, site structure, content editing, content addition, image addition and loads more.

We listen to our clients and understand what they need before creating solutions that work for them.

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