Graphic Design & Corporate Identity

Our Graphic Design Solutions:

EditMe offers Graphic Design and Corporate Identity development for brand building and visual engagement.

Having a clear corporate identity and brand is paramount to the successful embedding of your product or service in your customers mind. Brand consistency is also a vital aspect of continuation throughout your digital footprint.

We ensure your brand is strong and stays consistent throughout the visual experience.

Graphic Design Process

Who, what and why are the main questions asked when developing your identity. The answers to these questions are the base of all your marketing material and create an endless supply of purpose for the marketing of your brand.

Being able to identify your company with a purpose and having a strong story to tell is the base of a successful brand that stays in the memory of your customer. Taking the time to discover, acknowledge, envisage and best explain your story is a vital step that will save hours in the long run.

One simply need ask “Why are we in business?” and an endless flurry of encouraging, insightful ideas will come to light. This is how we identify your brand; by what is stands for.

What colours best suit your brand message? Understanding this process also creates a common sense in your customers brain before they even engage with you on a cognitive level.

Colours are not just colours.

They entice emotive response to messages and can be extremely powerful when used correctly. It is important to understand what the use of colour does to the mind of customer and to use this to your advantage to get your message across. Throughout the visual experience when engaging with your brand, these colours should be consistent and always be exactly the same.

Your logo follows the guideline and colour scheme and will portray this message in a visually appealing and practical way. The use of your logo is laid out in a Corporate Identity Guideline.

While you can quickly whip up a logo online, we will take a bet that more than 100 other businesses have done the same thing and their logos all look the same. You want your logo to be UNIQUE and to really embody your company’s core message. Using strong design elements also goes a long way to create the correct sense. When a customer sees your logo, they should immediately understand (or have a pretty good idea) of what your company does or stands for.

Font is the type if text used and we discover what fonts best suit your message. Are we firm, clear and strong in our message or gentle, feminine or elegant with subtle hints?

Using the correct font is equally important as this also sends a clear message to the user. We discover the best fonts to use together for things like headings and body copy, including the correct size required for legibility. It is important that your users can read what will carefully be put into words. Font are also used to drive emphasis to a strong message; think IBM, LEGO or HBO. On the contrary fonts are used to soften the approach visually; some examples are DOVE, CHRYSLER or COCA COLA.

The use of your font, logo, colours and message is important to keep consistent throughout the brand, creating a visually stimulating and please experience for the user.

The design process envelopes all aspects of your brand identity into a singular, brand “bible” called the Corporate Identity Guideline. This document will be used from here on out and referred to by anyone using your brand for reproduction and printing in any way. It also enables anyone engaging with your brand to understand in a singular process WHO, WHAT and WHY your brand exists. We furnish you with this document on final approval.

Your business cards, letterheads, brochures and flyers should all resonate with a strong brand emphasis as should your digital assets; your email stationery, website, social and email campaigns.

Ensuring that your brand is used correctly on printed material is equally important in the development process. From the paper used, to the size, layout and orientation of your printed matter to the clearly signed emails you send out, we ensure your brand identity is clear. The basics of your digital asset generation, graphics and photos used are also envisaged so that delivery across platforms is consistent.

We finally present you with a document outlining everything above in a professional digital document that can be shared and viewed for consistent use of your brand.

We want your brand to stand out.

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