Take your business online.

A simple solution to take your business online and offer courses, training and one-on-one lessons.

With the onset of self-quarantine, nobody wants to leave the house.

This has halted business for many individuals and companies offering one-on-one training or training with groups of people; i.e. Yoga or Singing lessons.

A simple, cost-effective method of getting paid online and offering digital lessons, training and even one-on-one skype sessions with existing (and new) customers.

Here is how it works:

Your new digital studio:

  1. Design your lesson: this could be a video, or set of videos, photos and step by step instructions.
  2. Post this information on your website and password protect the page/s.

You can create individual lessons or a series of lessons that users can access.

Taking Payments:

  1. Create a Payfast account to handle payments; Payfast allows you to create buttons for any amount.
  2. Create a Payfast button, users will click this to pay you securely.
  3. Place the Payfast button code in your website (or email).
  4. Send your customers to your website or email them the payment link to make payments


  1. Once payment is received, you will receive a notification from Payfast.
  2. Now that you have the payment, you can send the user a link to your password protected page and supply them with the password you created.

To show an example of this very simplified feature; we have created our own WordPress SEO training session.

1 Hour WordPress SEO training session:

View the Payment Page

Course Notes:

View the Password Protected Page