Wise Budget Spend – Marketing and Advertising

by EditMe Websites

December 21, 2016

Wise Budget Spend – Marketing and Advertising

by EditMe Websites

Ive seen a lot of empty promises this year, promises of 1st page results on Google, promises of huge returns with ‘monthly retainers’ and promises of increased conversions.

Ive seen a lot of empty promises this year, promises of 1st page results on Google, promises of huge returns with ‘monthly retainers’ and promises of increased conversions.

20150827173347-test-google-adwords-campaign-search-engine-internetThe 1st Page of Google Myth.

First of all, there are only 10 places on page 1 of Google. Businesses and marketers that have historically achieved these results consistently are incredibly difficult to complete with. Google’s algorithms factor in a consistent ability to provide relevant results making certain keywords near impossible to rank for. i.e. “accommodation”. But lets look at that in more detail; getting ranked for a single keyword, as fantastic as that sounds is also going to bring your website a ton of ‘false positives’ (it looks good but it drives no sales). Google also factors in your location, your search history and shows advertisements and map listings on half of the 1st page for these keywords.

Are your customers searching vaguely for ‘accommodation’? Try it. You get a few Google Ads from massive players in the industry like Booking.com, and then they tell you how to spell the word.

Next, look at the address bar (www.google.com) and you will notice that they are redirecting you to a relative location i.e. google.co.za or asking you to allow them to use your location. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and allow them to use your location. If the option exists click on “Use Google.co.za”. You will notice the results are now very different; map listings and a ton of accommodation portals. These sites provide searchers with the most relevant results according to what others have found useful, based on click through. You will also notice at the foot of the results “Searches related to…” and a bunch of ‘key phrases’ instead, helping you to refine your search… AI is still not what it should be, but its not bad considering. The single term is so wide that you still need some flexibility in your results. Click on “accommodation [town name]” and you will see a much better result set.

What I am trying to illustrate here is that location based ‘key phrases’ are much better that single keyword searches. Your customers are far more likely to search for a keyword and location and that really where you need to come up. You can also add additional words to the phrase, such as ‘self catering’ accommodation cape town and you will notice at the footer of the results, Google is making these suggestions for you. This is what we need to use to get you REAL traffic that converts into sales.

Another way of course it make sure you have a map listing. This is a free service offered by Google and we can assist you in setting it up so you bypass the default search results. If someone is in your area and they search for your business category, your map listing will display ABOVE competitors.


Monthly retainers – what to expect

With any advertising budget, results are key. Why keep spending when you see no change in SALES? Money in the bank is the bottom line and why we go to work each day. DON’T waste money on monthly retainers with companies that offer huge promises. DO allocate budget for shorter terms, i.e. three months and watch the results like a hawk. You may be better off allocating this entire budget to a directory listing or paid advertising like Google Adwords. After all, once your site is up and running, your main keywords are optimised in your content and your site is structurally correct, what else are these retainers getting spent on? You will always need professional insights into your data, but the majority of your budget should provide ROI (return on investment) and not keep some geek drinking coffee!

Retainers should also provide you with some kind of analysis and explanation of such. There is no use getting a huge report of data pulled directly from Google Analytics that you could be doing your self. You need to see what is working, what is not working, and then focus on what works for you. EditMe provides consistent, comprehensive reports and useful insights into your data on our retainers. We also maintain your website security and update your website software as part of our service.

facebook_likeIncreased Conversions

There is no doubt, that consistent marketing is key to a successful business. You need to be constantly reminding your customers that you offer the services you do. This also includes non internet related methods, i.e fridge magnets, brochures, word of mouth etc – when your customers talk about you, what are they saying? Are they sharing your message in a clear way that will drive more sales your way? Each customer you have is a brand ambassador and should be raving about your service and products to their friends and network.

Social Media is also a great way to increase conversions, but it needs to be in line with your offering; i.e. make sure that what you are sharing is clear, links back to your website and that your website has a strong conversion mechanism such as a contact form or clear contact details in context with the click through. If you reached this post from my newsletter, you have experienced this first hand. Click here to contact EditMe and lets make this happen for you.

Lets take Advertising and Marketing to a new level in 2017 and be wise with our money and increase traffic and conversions.

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