What strengths should I look for in a website development company?

by EditMe Websites

October 15, 2014

What strengths should I look for in a website development company?

by EditMe Websites

Our mission is to build responsive, functional and beautiful websites for our clients on the EditMe platform.

Having a new website built or upgrading your old one can be a daunting task with loads of questions. The internet has changed a lot since you first went live with your website or there is just so much to learn to really do this properly.

Uncle Joe’s nephew is the last person you want to look to; you need a professional website developer to get your business on line and converting website visitors to paying customers.

Our mission at EditMe is to build responsive, functional and beautiful websites for our clients on the EditMe platform.

  • Websites that work on all devices: Mobile, Desktop and Tablets
  • Websites that your clients can view correctly
  • Websites your clients can use successfully to buy your products, make enquiries or contact you on all devices
  • Websites with a future proof layout
  • Websites that you can edit.
  • Websites hosted on a robust, secure content delivery network
  • Websites built by professionals that know what they are doing
  • Websites that that our client’s own.

With over 10 years in the website development industry and over 20 in computer programming and software development, our developers offer a reliable and competent solution to all the nonsense being sold on the web.

We will show you how to run a website successfully and offer the following add ons to achieve success:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – don’t get taken for a ride with SEO; its not that complex… BUT there are only 10 slots on the first page of Google for your given keyword. Beware of promises that say they will do this for you. SEO is about your content being correctly optimised for a given set of keywords or phrase. Your website also needs to allow this functionality.
  • Google Adwords – start getting traffic to your site today. We manage your Google Adwords campaigns and can offer you great ROI and budget splits. Most providers are keeping the majority of your budget and you’re not getting your moneys worth. We charge separately for our services, you pay directly for Adwords budget on your own Google Adwords account.
  • Content and copy writing – once again don’t be fooled; good copy isn’t copied or plagiarised. It written specifically for you and your website. Make sure your copy is written by someone who can write, spell correctly and who understands your business and can translate this into well written content for your site. Google’s algorithms are also extremely precise – don’t get penalised for having similar or duplicate content on your site.
  • Site stability and security – I’ve personally assisted with a couple of hacked websites this year alone. Brand New websites. Unfortunately, everyone thinks they can build websites these days, but they dont understand what they are doing. When something goes wrong they cannot fix it. Get your site built properly the first time around or let us review your site and make sure it wont get hacked and it is secure.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – is your site slow? Do you know what your visitors from other countries are seeing? Let us serve your website from our CDN and experience stable, rapid web page loading using all the latest technology.
  • Website Hosting – we host websites for a month or annual fee. No contracts. No tie ins. Just pure service and product. You pay for our time (when you need it), not for our new cars and holidays!

Visit your website on your tablet or smart phone right now and you’ll see what we mean.

Visit Editme.co.za and you’ll see the difference and the benefit.