3 Tips to Improve a Websites Google Rank


3 Tips to Improve a Websites Google Rank


Every person and company that has a website wants to rank highly on search engines such as Google. Here are some simple tricks that you can implement today to raise your Google rank.

Rank higher on Google Today with these simple tips from our experts

Every person and company that has a website wants to rank higher on Google and rank highly on search engines. The reason being that we all want our product, service or content to be seen by as many users as possible. For a company, more visitors on your website means an increased chance of creating sales. For a writer, more readers of your blog gets you more feedback and allows you to improve over time.

This is applicable to websites of all offerings as getting more attention increases your chances of attracting the right visitor. This visitor may be somebody that has been looking for a product such as yours or wants to find information about one of your blog topics. Although, it is not that simple as they are going to need to find you first. One of the main avenues that people use to find what they want online is search engines, the most common being Google.

So you want to rank high on Google. You want somebody to search a word or phrase and find you positioned right at the top of the first page. This is not some impossible task, this isn’t climbing Mount Olympus with your arms tied, this can be done. It does however take time and it will be an investment of energy for you to do it on your own. Certain web developers have spent years learning the skills that allow them to rank their websites highly. As you have read this far I don’t have to be psychic to say that there is as very good chance that you are not web developer, but you still want to rank high on Google.

This is where I tell you that there is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that in order to rank number 1 you are going to need to spend many hours researching the Google algorithm and various technical methods that you can use to your benefit. I presume now you want the good news? Well the truth is that there are some simple tricks that you can implement today to raise your rank. You may not reach number 1 overnight, but following these tips can help you position your website better than it was yesterday.

The 3 Tips to Improve Your Ranking

  1. Focus on the keywords.
    A keyword is a word or phrase that is what you identify as a search term that you want to rank high for on Google. For example an insurance company in Durban, will want to have a positive position when a user searches “insurance company Durban”. This is where keyword optimisation factors in. In order to do so, you want the content across your website to be filled with keywords that you want to rank for. To do this, you want to naturally include focused keywords into your text and on every page. By doing so, Google will pick up these repeated phrases and have an easier understanding regarding your websites subject.
  2. Links, links and more links.
    One of the biggest elements that determines whether or not your website ranks high is the links to and from it. Links on your web pages themselves help search engines determine content of importance. The words used for links assist in identifying the subject of your pages. With regards to links to your website from others, these tell Google that your website is of importance and will help your position. It is vital to obtain as many back links as you can, whether its through an organic process based on the quality of your content or if it’s through reaching out to other quality websites purposefully.
  3. Social media makes a big difference.
    Driving traffic from social networks is a simple and direct way to get more users onto your website, and in turn positively affect the rank on Google. Avoiding certain platforms is foolish considering all are an easy method of channeling traffic, letting Google know that your website is notable. Reaching a wider audience via as many channels as possible can only positively help your website. The downside is that getting it right is time consuming, but that is the case with everything.

Using these tips will help you take the first steps towards improving your rank on Google. Although ranking high is difficult, concentrating on the important components will allow your website to rank higher than it is currently.

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