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Why Your Website Needs an Update

A website can be the most powerful digital marketing tool in the world when used right. The problem occurs when a company creates a website and leaves it alone for long periods of time.

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3 Important Elements to Consider When Building a Brand

In the modern era, the word “brand” is one that seems to be thrown around fairly frequently. In many cases the word is used in place of “company” or “organisation”. The truth is that a brand is actually far more.

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3 Top Reasons to Secure Your Website

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is massive, and can have a huge influence on your websites security and performance.

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4 Key Components Every Website Needs

When a company or individual decides that they need a website, it is done with a clear goal in mind. Most of the time, they want to create a marketing tool that can be used in generating leads and sales. In its most optimal state, a website can do this.

Why Ecommerce Website Development Never Works out the Way You Plan and What to do About it.

eCommerce websites are amazing when they work, but without a solid plan they ultimately always fail or never work out the way you plan.

3 Tips to Improve a Websites Google Rank

Every person and company that has a website wants to rank highly on search engines such as Google. Here are some simple tricks that you can implement today to raise your Google rank.

SEO explained
SEO Explained, and why it Needs to be Done Right

One of the most vital elements to know with regards to your website is SEO. This article aims to put the process in simpler terms while also offering some easy tips that you can use.

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The Top 3 Reasons to use LinkedIn to Market Your Business

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for your company to promote and make new connections. It is a professional channel and has quickly become the largest network for business to business interactions.

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How Modern Technology Has Changed the way we Shop

E-commerce is not the future of retail but the present. If you sell something that has a demand, the only smart thing to do is to sell it online.

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The Vitals of a Website: Call-To-Action

Once someone has visited your website and explored it, what is it that you want them to do next? For you, this is a simple question to answer. For the visitor, this is not something we can presume.